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30 May 0

A Final Farewell

Well, it sure has been an amazing year hasn't it?
25 May 0

Mouse Trap Cars

AP Physics C students are making mouse trap cars!
17 May 0

Senior Bricks

It’s getting to that time of year where the Senior class of 2017 is getting their college acceptances and proudly brandishing where they are going on their Senior bricks.
11 May 0

TED Talks

Mrs. Rousell's English classes presented their long awaited TED Talks!
10 May 0

5th Annual ICE Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners of our 5th Annual ICE Awards!
05 May 0

Cinco de Mayo!

Mrs. Gish’s Spanish students are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with their own fiesta and commercials!
28 Apr 0

AP Environmental Science Makes Aquariums!

In their latest project, students in Mrs. Taber's AP Environmental Science class created, set up and maintained their own aquatic ecosystems!
24 Apr 0

Camp Out 2017

Every year we celebrate incoming freshman by holding our annual Camp Out- where we meet new students and give them a taste of what it’s like at New Tech!
13 Apr 0

8th Grade Tours!

New Tech gets visitors of any degree every year, but when 8th graders come to visit we all get excited to meet our potential new freshman!
31 Mar 0

BNTH College Tours!

On Tuesday March 28 and Thursday March 30, Sophomores and Freshman visited college campuses!